The work

Martin Helm Chronology shows a timeline of the artists work. There is the chronology of all past projects and there is a portfolio that shows where, when and in what form these projects were exhibited. In his posts Martin Helm can digress in depth on various aspects of his views and ideas. The ‘projects’ and ‘posts’ are linked. Explore for further information the individual pages for ‘Projects’, ‘Nouveau Nihilism’ and ‘Reinhardt Helm’.

Important collaborations

Martin Helm considers collaborating with other artists as essential to his personal development. Therefore he has given the two most important collaborations, Nouveau Nihilism (with Sonja van der Burg and Let Bijkersma) and Reinhardt Helm (with Jan Reinhardt) their own focus on this site. ‘Chronology’ does not attempt to be complete. New projects will be updated as they develop, of course, and every once in a while some new information on older projects will be adjust.

Some definitions

There are four parameters that have determined, and will determine, all human ventures. These are creativity, curiousity, diversity and intuition. They originate from chaos, which is the origin and the end of everything.

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