RH: work by Reinhardt Helm
NN: Nouveau Nihilist project

1995 Atrium town hall Den Haag RH the “Cella Capitalis” project
1996 Inkt Den Haag duo-exhibition (objects) with
Judith Werdmüller von Elgg
1995 Silo Galerie Amsterdam group exhibition of self portraits
1995 maart Silo galerie Amsterdam duo-exhibition with
Betty Bilder
1995 Dimensie Den Haag
1992 Arti Shock Rijswijk NN duo-exhibition “Terra Noïde” with Sonja vd Burg
1991/2 Galerie De Waag Brielle duo-exhibition (objects) with Judith Werdmüller von Elgg
1991 Vrije Akademie den Haag group exhibition “Imager and Context”
1991 Antoniushove hospital Leidschendam installation
1991 Garbage festival (Stichting De Confrontatie) Den Haag Group manifestation. Martin Helm shows “Garbage in, Garbage out”
199? Berlage (Europe against the Current) Amsterdam NN Nouveau Nihilist presentation
1989 Inkt 2 Den Haag NN Nouveau Nihilists present “The Exhibition”
1988 Galerie Clemar Den Haag objectpaintings installation “a Multitude of...”
1987 jan Arti Shock Rijswijk NN Nouveau Nihilist exhibition “Trapped Stranger, unfinished Fiction”

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